Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

SAAP at Pitt-Titusville

The University of Pittsburgh at Titusville values the safety and health of all members of the Pitt-Titusville community and seeks to foster an environment where all persons are treated with respect, civility, and dignity. Any behavior that involves sexual assault or harassment, relationship violence, or stalking of another person will not be tolerated.

If substantiated, such behavior may result in criminal charges if reported to the Campus Police and/or University disciplinary action if the Title IX Liaison investigates a complaint or referral. The University will use these processes to investigate and resolve reports of sexual assault or harassment, relationship violence, or stalking. In cases involving sexual violence, the University understands that victims oftentimes seek confidentiality and will attempt to honor such a request in most cases. However, the University will weigh such a request for confidentiality against any factors that may have a negative impact on the campus community, such as the use of a weapon or multiple alleged victims.

Accused students or employees should know that the initiation of any University proceeding does not preclude the possibility of criminal charges. Indeed, parallel University and criminal proceedings are not uncommon.

In addition to using these processes, the University will continue to engage in prevention programs and training for students, faculty and staff in an effort to prevent sexual assault and harassment, relationship violence, and stalking.

Support in all aspects of the recovery process, including seeking medical care, is available to victims of sexual assault through the Counseling and Student Development Center and Women's Services of Crawford County.